Conduct online classes, assignments, continous assessment and entrance examinations, manage payments, etc. This is your school without walls.

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FCMB SMS Dashboard

Effective Administration

Digital technology is fostering growth in all industries, let's help you leverage it for your school.


Modern Teaching & Learning

Seamlessly connect teachers and students online via mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.


Highly Secure

Your school's data is fully protected and backed up on secured cloud servers.

FCMB Classcube Lesson

Simplified Learning Environment

  • Upload and share lesson notes, images, audio and videos with students.

  • Embed documents, as well as mathematical and chemical equations in notes.

  • Hold live video conference sessions within the app.

Online / Offline Payments

  • Receive fast and secured payments via Cards, Instant Bank Transfers and USSD.

  • Automated payment invoicing, receipts and reconcilliation.


Designed As A Holistic Solution.

FCMB SMS does more than just building an education technology solution, it brings life to it

Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both small and large schools. Get the right plan that suits you.

Basic Plan

  • School Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Students Enrollment System
  • Limited Storage*
  • Maximum of 100 Students

Pro Plan

per student per quater
  • School Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Students Enrollment System
  • School Payments and Fees Reconciliation
  • Unlimited Files and Media Storage/Backup
  • Unlimited Number of Students
  • One Month Free Trial
  • Pre-Funded With ₦100,000.00 E-learning credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Access our catalogue of frequently asked questions. If none addresses your issues, please contact us here.

What exactly is FCMB School Management System (SMS)?

FCMB SMS is a suite of education solutions deployed in partnership with Revocube Technologies to foster the effective delivery of education, learning materials and generally improve the efficiency of schools.

How secure is my data on FCMB SMS?

Your data is fully protected and secured, as we are committed to privacy and data security in line with global standards.

What extra features does FCMB SMS offer?

FCMB SMS is a growing platform with a suite of solutions that are evolving to best serve our customers. As they become available, new features will be announced here and on other communication channels.

What is the monthly subscription for this solution?

There are currently two plans - Basic and Pro. Basic Plan is free and works effectively with schools with less than 100 students, while the Pro Plan is a paid service billed per quarter, starting from N3,000 per student

Is there a free trial period?

The Basic Plan is always free to use until you exceed the maximum storage limit or maximum number of students. The paid Pro Plan supports a pre-funded N100,000 e-learning credit for a one-month trial.